Oh Sambo

Today was another crazy Sambo day. This kid is funny and really surprises me sometimes. We had a good morning doing some simple art and spelling words with blocks…you know, one of those moments where I feel like we’re actually getting somewhere. He also has been doing great with potty training and even TOLD me this morning that he needed to poop. Momentous day, my friends. Momentous.

Then we had lunch and he got the leftover sushi from the other night. Yes, our child loves sushi…and really anything you put in front of him. {as you can tell from the picture below and his messy messy eating habits.}

I was peanutbuttering up some apple slices and he said, “Mommy, want peanutbutter on my sushi.” So…there he got it.



And he ate it with gusto. Hilarious.


But the day seemed to quickly disintegrate as I took him to get his haircut. The previous haircut trip ended with him coming home with no hair cut since he FREAKED out at the barbers. We’ve done this before, folks…he’s just in a funk and I’m not sure how to get him out of it. Other than going again.

So I took him to a nearby place that several friends had said was a good place to take little boys. Enter trauma. We walked in. The lady we were told to get wasn’t there. I should have taken my cue here and left promptly. But since I had arranged childcare for Gwen and we were there…dadgumit we were getting his hair cut. We went to the chair…he screamed and kicked…so I sat down, she {the not-so-great-with-kids stylist} put a cape on me and we eventually got one on him. Now please know I went with all my guns…candy, phone, favorite snack…ready to help him through this. He wanted none of it. 30 minutes later after he holding him down, we got somewhat of a haircut accomplished…and I successfully was peed on.



This is what it looks like when you walk out of salon after your son pees all over you. Awesome.

If you have any experience with a child freaking out over something that we do routinely but all of a sudden revolts against, please let me know. A friend suggested me not to be the one to take him in hopes he’d obey better for someone else. I’m at a loss of how not to traumatize him yet get his thick fast growing hair clipped (no, buzzing his head isn’t an option yet).

Oh Sambo…I am thankful haircuts are your battle…not getting you to eat your broccoli.

And there you have it…another infamous day of glamorous deployment-induced single parenthood.


3 thoughts on “Oh Sambo

  1. Can I just say that you are ROCKIN’ the pee-covered skirt? Oh, Hollie. You are a rockstar momma. I am uber impressed that he eats anything. I would LOVE it if my kids did that. They are the typical picky toddlers that you always hear about. Don’t worry too much about the hair. He’s going to grow out of the fear. You can always just let it grow a bit for now. Or try trimming the front when he’s sleeping? You’re doing an amazing job!

    1. Thanks Sarah…the thankless moments like wearing their pee make us true mamas right? Thanks for the encouragement…how are you feeling, Supermom?

      1. Ha! Yes, moments when I’m covered in pee, poop or barf make me feel as though I’m truly living the dream. =)
        I’m feeling good. This pregnancy is much more tiring than the last two…pretty sure that has to do with the two munchkins running around the house. But the little guy is growing and VERY active. I get kicked all the live long day. It’s not too painful, kind of sweet actually. Just trying to pace myself and keep my energy up.

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