He’s still here

When you walk into our house you definitely get a glimpse of who belongs here…whether he’s here right now or not.

My sister did these incredible pictures of our little babies. My winter baby with the winter blues uniform and my summer baby with her hot daddy in his summer whites.

Tom Cruise was the first to introduce this uniform to me…but my husband looks so much better than that fake naval pilot. Aaron proposed to me in this uniform so it is extra special.

And the winter blues (even though they are black…weird) with baby Sam.

Yes, I know…they look so much alike. But didn’t my sister do an incredible job to get the babies the same size so they would look this wonderful on my wall. Thanks, Heather. Love them.

Of course, I didn’t stop there. This is my $5 version from Office Depot glued to foam board. My poor husband’s face is plastered all over this house. I don’t want my kids to doubt for a second that their daddy is a part of their lives.

Guess who’s coming for dinner? Every night? You got it…my version of flat daddy.


One thought on “He’s still here

  1. Hollie, those photos are gorgeous! I got chills when I saw them hanging on your wall. What beautiful photos. And I love the black and white one of Aaron with the kids. Great idea! I was just thinking about/praying for that specific thing the other day for you and your kids. That they would still very much know who Daddy is during this year away, even though they aren’t seeing him as much. Are you able to skype with him at all?

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