Gwen is one.


It’s hard to believe this was one year ago. In so many ways  it seems like yesterday…and seven years ago…all at the same time. Her birthday was such a beautiful day. Very calm…very timely…very peaceful…and very surprising that she was a girl! Yes, we didn’t know what we were having until she arrived. We were both ecstatic.

The weeks leading up to her arrival were some of the hardest we have walked through…and I’m thankful that relief came with her arrival. I just reread this that I posted soon after her birth and I must say it truly was a needed drink to our souls.

Gwen has been a super eater from day one and I am so grateful. She now almost eats as much as Sam. Slow down girl…it’s not a race. She is still taking two great naps and always wakes up happy. Always. Such a delight to pick up from her crib. She isn’t talking too much…just dada and mama. She plays very well on her own. She is learning to hold her own, when it comes to Sam. She loves to be outside, especially in the dirt. She is so happy.

She loves her mama. I don’t say that because I’m her mama…but because she lets anyone around her know who she wants and how safe she is near me.  Recently she has been screaming if I go in the next room without her.  I sometimes feel sorry for our babysitters…she is always screaming when I leave (but supposedly recovers quickly).

These sweet toes are now almost running.

We have gone from this family… this:

Gwen Elaine…You have changed our lives and we are ever grateful you have made it for the better. We love you  ‘Gwenie-the-poo’ (as Sam says) and consider it a gift to love you, care for you, and teach you about Jesus. Happy first birthday…may you have many more. {and always look this cute in your swimsuit}


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