From Bahrain.


I hope this message finds everyone well and that you all enjoyed a great holiday weekend just a few days ago. I’ve been in country over a month and the pace of things is picking up. I was able to travel to Kuwait this week and meet with my counterparts there. Our staff in Kuwait runs the ‘Warrior Transition Program’ for sailors returning home from Afghanistan. They spend about 3-5 days in Kuwait turning in gear and weapons, attending workshops, and getting their follow on travel setup. It does sound cliche, but I was very impressed with the sailors I met and honored to serve with them.

Unfortunately, not all come home. One of our Sailors in Afghanistan was killed during combat operations. Petty Officer S.B., a military dog handler, was struck by a mortar round when his unit was ambushed a few days ago. He leaves behind a wife and 13 month old child. Our staff was responsible for ensuring the Purple Heart award was processed and the logistics to bring him home were smoothly coordinated. Regardless of your views of the politics driving our presence in Afghanistan, I hope you will all honor the sacrifice others have made in service to our country.

Thanks so much to all who attended my baby girl’s first birthday. Gwen turned one yesterday.

Please keep the emails coming. I love hearing from you all.

Take care,


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