One a day.


Do you have a monthly list? What’s on yours?

I’m learning…

long days + intentionality = happier hearts.


2 thoughts on “One a day.

  1. I love your list! I want to make one too. I agree wholeheartedly. Being intentional about what we do each day makes this house a WHOLE lot happier! I go in spurts where I’m organized. This pregnancy is zapping me of my energy, though! I’d love to know more specifics about some items on your list – ice balloons, thankful thursdays, and grill sandwiches. Do you grill them on the outdoor grill? If so, I need a recipe stat. That sounds fabulous!

    1. Sarah! So sorry you’re zapped of energy. I know the feeling…and I don’t have the excuse of pregnancy either! 🙂
      The ice balloons are frozen water balloons…you can use them for bowling, painting (add some food coloring), or you can put little toys in them and let the kids chip away til they find the treasure. I’ll probably also regularly freeze big blocks of ice with ‘goodies’ inside for them to work to get.
      Thankful Thursdays…trying to be intentional of showing thankfulness (flowers or bread to someone) on this day. Will probably blog…just to turn my heart (and teach them) to being grateful. This is hard some days!
      Grilled Sandwiches…probably grilled cheese with veggies inside. Yes, on a grill…just gives it different flavor. Brush with olive oil…put yummies inside like pesto, spinach, maybe even some hummus. Going to experiment and keep the mess outside.
      Have any ideas for me???

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