It’s like driving a bus

I entered another realm of motherhood today. I did it. I pushed the ‘bus’ through dreaded Walmart today.


The kids, however, giggled in delight as I crazily raced through the parking lot.


And the family bathroom with a kid potty did not disappoint. {The bright spot of the dreaded walmarts. And what is not to love about Sam in this picture?}


Thankfully I had an adult evening at a lovely French bistro eating seared scallops and broccolini with a nice glass of Reisling. That cured me.



3 thoughts on “It’s like driving a bus

  1. Oh man. At our house we call them “special carts”. And I’m pretty sure you need a CDL to drive one of those suckers. Ask me how many times I clipped an end cap when I first started driving them. It got quite comical. My kids still ask for them, but I’ve banned them from our trips now – simply because they get all excited about it for the first, oh, five minutes of a 45 min. grocery trip and then I’m stuck driving the beast while wrangled two kids who no longer want to be in the cart.
    The picture of Sam on the potty kills me. So cute!
    And that dinner looks yummy. So glad you could get out without the kiddos! If I was near you, you know I’d come watch them for you!

  2. I know you would! Or I would have you come along with me for a girls night dinner! Seriously…it’s a shame we live so far from each other.

  3. Yes, you do need a CDL…have done that w/grandkids, the cart that has a car for kids to drive at Jumbos. R&R loved it! S&G may get to experience it in July.

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