Much to be thankful for today. Every day, for that matter.

Grateful a friend called today and took Sam to the aquarium for several hours. Grateful he was polite, fun, and had zero accidents regarding the potty.

Grateful we get to start swimming this week at a fabulous neighborhood pool. Unexpected gift to do so.

Grateful to have ‘sisters’ here in Corpus. Grateful they also live in my neighborhood. They help with our kids. They go on walks with us. We eat meals together. They live life with us.

Grateful to have ‘Mother’s Day Out’ through the summer months with a few other families.

Grateful a ‘sister’ is going to attempt to cut Sam’s hair again this week. I’m leaving him at their house while Aunt B and JR get to figure it out. They are so awesome.

Grateful to have a busy week chalked full of fun things with people.

Grateful these smiles greet me all day long.

Grateful this girl is a part of our lives. Grateful to be a part of Young Life here in Corpus.

Grateful Aaron is deployed to a place I can visit. And that my ticket is bought for a two week trip to see him. {without kids!}

Grateful Sam will hopefully stop drooling and snoring after his adenoids and tonsils are taken out in a few weeks.

Grateful we get to go to Family Kamp with one of my sisters in July.

Grateful Sam is turning a corner with potty training and really getting it. Big steps forward. I can’t believe it.

This girl really makes me laugh. She walks as she punches the air with both fists.

Grateful to do backyard showers two nights in a row. I love it. They love it {mostly} and it’s super fast with no clean up. Then she drinks her milk like this.



One thought on “grateful.

  1. Love the happy smiles. How about trying one of the motorized carts at Wal-Mart? Put both kids on you lap and just buzz around. Some of the people there never slow down and I seriously doubt if they need it.!!!

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