Thankful Thursday.

We started something today that I’m hoping to make as much a part of our weekly lives as possible.  I’ve been on a thankful journey for a while…recording and talking about thanksgiving. It’s a significant part of our salvation…a significant part of joy…a big part of healing and being whole…it’s changing me. So I thought we could do this together…as a family.

I am very aware there are a lot of things people do for us in their gratefulness for Aaron’s service. Memberships to fun places that we frequent and heartily enjoy…dinners…watching the kids…spa treatments. These are gifts and I want to teach our kids how to return gratefulness and express it to those we appreciate.

While Gwen napped at a friend’s, Sam and I ventured over to our neighborhood fire station. I drive past it all the time and think about these guys (and maybe gals) that are probably not remembered much, except when there is an emergency. We got out, walked up to the door, and knocked. Six guys were inside eating breakfast together and gladly welcomed us in. Sam told them his name and said his cued “Thank you for serving us.” They were so glad we stopped in and told Sam he had to come check out the truck. Of course, he hated it since he’s so shy and all.

He sat in the driver’s seat.

He got to turn the siren on.

He got to wear a helmet.

They let him get in the pickup and crawl around.

He even left with a Dalmation dog.

I shared with these guys how Aaron is deployed and how I am frequently thanked for the sacrifice we make…and that we wanted to say thanks to someone else. I left them a loaf of cinnamon chip bread and we loaded up and went on with our day.

I haven’t been able to shake how meaningful that was to me today. I do believe God wired us to show our gratefulness and express our thanksgiving to others, whether in big or small ways. Not that this was some great ‘pat on my back good duty’ that I did…this life isn’t about me and being so wrapped up in my own little world I don’t look out and recognize others. God has called us to greater purposes than living for ourselves.

I’m not sure what next week will look like…but we will find someone to thank. The postman…a policeman…the garbage truck driver (seriously, who thanks them for hauling off our poopy diapers and nastiness each week?)…the librarian…who knows.


2 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday.

  1. Oh, I LOVE Thankful Thursdays! Now I get it. Thanks for the reminder that we should always be expressing our thankfulness. It’s also so good for our kids to learn this lesson! I keep meaning to visit our local fire station with the kids. I know they would love it. You’ve inspired me, yet again. And cinnamon chip bread? Um, YUM!!

    1. I love taking bread to others, especially the elderly who don’t get many visitors. Know the firemen enjoyed your all’s visit…and the bread. It’s a reminder for me to do more serving to others. Thanks for setting an example.

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