Post-op patient

This boy is finally on the road to recovery.

It’s been a l.o.n.g. week. I’m sure he thinks so too.

I’ve never (never) seen this kid refuse his favorite foods and drinks, until this past week. Lots of popsicles, movies, cheese tacos, and any liquid he would tolerate. He dropped two pounds. Crazy.

His Mimmi Claudia came for the surgery and for a few days post-op. It’s always great to have a medically trained family member. She read lots of books and fed lots of ice.

This is the infamous ‘blue blankie.’ He does this with his fingers and toes when snuggling up for bed.

Sometimes its hard to love a recovering tonsillectomy grumpy two year old…but I was thankful for reinforcements this weekend after a week of very little sleep. These grandparents even came back this past weekend to give me a break and love on our kids. I was running on fumes.

And Daddi can never come without having to fix something. Sambo decided to get his tools out to help.

‘It goes really fast.’

Thank you thank you thank you Ron and Claudia for loving us and swooping in when I needed help. Your presence, help, love, and encouragement were gifts to me.

Finally, our perky fun-loving Sam is starting to show up. Watch out Oklahoma…here we finally come.


One thought on “Post-op patient

  1. Oh I’m so glad that the weekend went well for you. I was praying lots after I got your e-mail. What a blessing! Have SUCH a wonderful time in Oklahoma with your family!

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