Here we go!


One thought on “6:24

  1. This is way too much to put on your blog. I’ve been thinking of you much EVERY DAY! You are a brave woman and Aaron should be proud of you! I know your mom and dad are extremely proud as am I! I have been working LONG hours (75.5 hours at the office last week in 5 days) and I so look forward to your Blog notifications!

    Our service on Sunday was extremely moving and I was standing in honor of Aaron and my brave cousin, Holly! What Aaron is doing for us and our country is what makes this country grand! I know God blesses the USA not for the politicians, but for the prayers of the Christians lifting up our service men and their families!

    I have gotten involved with a charity here locally, Operation Once in a Lifetime, that ministers to the service men and their families in times of need. Rent, jobs, sheets, medical costs, whatever! All because of what Aaron is doing and YOU!

    I went through a tonsillectomy with Anna at age 12 (1.5 years ago) and it was BRUTAL! Jay was out of town and Anna was a BEAR! Plus, we found out she was allergic to penicillin in the process. You did it alone and did it to the blessing of your sweet boy and honoring to his daddy! Well done, Holly! It’s hard to see little ones suffer!

    I’m sure Aaron prays for you just as you pray for him. I just wanted you to know how much you two (excuse me, you four) are prayed for! Your blog certainly makes me smile every day, but the real benefit is letting me know how to pray for you and sweet Sam and adorable Gwen!


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