Here in Fairview

There have been several moments here at the farm that I’ve wanted to bottle up. Pictures don’t capture it. It’s the sounds. The sounds of toddlers giggling in glee. The sound of a two year old tinkering in the barn. The quiet rustle of the wind while I sit in the rocker and read. It’s the lack of sound that helps everyone take such long naps. Bliss.

I’ve made bread three times here and my loaves keep falling. I’m used to humidity. Not this dry hot air blowing here in Oklahoma.

Gwen is learning new things every day. She really is a funny one. Her recent move is to walk around the house carrying a picture of Aaron and saying ‘da-da.’ She loves to sit in the rocker I rocked in as a little girl. She sits in my old booster seat at the table. We even pulled out some dresses that I wore at this age. Can wait to put them on her. When we’re outside she goes straight for the dirt and rocks. When I took her on the 4-wheeler, she squealed in delight the entire time. She wants to wear a hat like her bubba and will pat her head when you ask her where her hat is. I’m loving watching her.

We went to the library this morning. Gotta love that I can walk in without an ID and check out 13 books since they know my mom. They have these great packets that come with a book and puppet to help tell the story. There were toys and puzzles to do in the kid zone. Corpus doesn’t have that. Ah…small town, I like this about you.

Going to the pool tonight I discovered that every Wednesday night is free entrance…the boy scouts pay for anyone to get in. Awesome.

While at the pool, I realized I did not fit in without tons of tats. Don’t get me wrong, I’m really not against tattoos. Just observing how most people had many. And it’s too bad my Navy boy doesn’t wear his pt shorts, a giant cross necklace, and dog tags to the pool. Oh how I wish I had a camera…

Sam is such a different kid out here. He just wanders around…collecting tools…’fixing things’…and doesn’t need much attention other than reminding him not to touch the electric fence. I took him on an adventure this morning and we pulled Gwen around in the wagon. We went to see the cows, counted the bugs in the stock tank, watched him run through the cattle working station (through the chute), climbed on old fuel tanks and other random junk, pulled stickers out of his shoes, moseyed around the barns, and answered ‘Mama, what’s that, Mama?’ many times. Boys were created to live outside. Trying to convince my parents to let him move into the barn.

I’ve been reading a book about the terrible twos. I think I’m starting to understand Sam a little more. Good recommendation, HB.

We went to visit an old family friend. It’s crazy how fast people can age…but great to see them. I wonder if people think that about me too. Now I’m the ‘old’ 30-something.

We’re headed to Wichita tomorrow to hang with some of my college BFFs. Seven kids. Gonna be hectic.

I miss my Corpus people. (hi BP and BS!) I feel like we’ve been gone for weeks already. Very obvious to me how significant they are to our lives. Grateful.

Well, wasn’t that a random post?


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