They won’t care 20 years from now

This is Whitney (“Whitme”). She was one of Sam’s teachers/counselors this week. She loved Sam and I was grateful for her. This picture doesn’t really show his great affection for her. He even gave her flowers before we left.


Sadly I think I took about 15 pictures with my normal camera during the week. My hands were constantly busy so I didn’t really get to capture swimming or canoeing or anything else. I chose to live it and not be burdened by trying to capture it with my camera. It was a good choice. My kids truly won’t care in 20 years anyway.

Let’s be honest, I probably spent more time chasing after my wandering child (he would constantly disappear) than anything else this week. I’m always amazed to see kids who actually stay with their parents. I’m convinced I need a leash.

We all managed to get sick at kamp. Gwen woke up today with what Sam and I got. I love souvenirs like that. We ate lots of good food (Kanakuk still makes amazing coffee cake) and stayed up way too late. Sam loved canoeing and told me he wants to do it again today. Too bad the Cimarron River is dried up.

Here’s our whole gang. We managed to win the ‘biggest family’ award at kamp. Thankfully Nate fielded the ‘two wives’ comments well.

And now to go do some laundry.



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