Summer in OK ::: Part 1

Soon after we got to the farm, Gwenie figured out that Dada’s picture was on the fridge.

She soon started carrying it around and saying, ‘Dada’ over and over again.

Then she would carefully look at it.

And give Daddy a kiss. (Mmmm….muh!)

Gwen also learned to say ‘more’ in her own unique sign. She was passionate about more food…as she now eats as much as Sam does. Lord have mercy on our grocery bill. Yowza.

We do put shoes on her. She just prefers to take them off most times. Thankfully (or not) she has her mama’s tough feet.

This little bean became a Mimee’s girl…especially when I was in Bahrain.

If you needed to find Sam, you could find him in three places. The silver barn, the red barn, or in/on some riding equipment. We had to take all keys out of every vehicle or ATV since he knows how to start them. I found him locked inside the Honda one day since he got inside, found the ‘hidden’ key, turned the ignition half way (music blaring, wipers going full speed, AC on), and was having the time of his life.

Note the wire cutters at his feet in the above picture. Those are antiques that he carried with him for almost two whole months. He loved that tool. We lost them right before we left to come back home to TX but luckily we found them…but they haven’t made an appearance here in Texas yet.

He always had at least one or two buckets of ‘goodies’ that he carried around. All.Day.Long.

Rubber mallets are great for 2 year olds.

We did a lot of learning teaching about sharing this summer. Now that Gigi is all up in Sam’s toys, he is having a very hard time sharing his things. Papa was ‘sharing’ his drink with Sam and the infamous summer slogan of ‘It’s my pleasure’ began. After Sam would say thank you for something, Papa or Mimee would say, ‘It’s my pleasure’ and then Sam would respond, ‘No, it’s my pleasure.’ Hilarious.

The morning dose of Super Why.

Don’t be fooled. Gwen watched it for a total of 5.7 seconds. She’s not really into TV yet.


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