Summer in OK ::: Family Kamp {Branson}

We were able to join Angie’s family for a week of family kamp at K-Kauai in Branson. It was great and I was so busy making sure Sam was with me all the time since he kept running away I didn’t have a chance to take many pictures. Such is life solo-parenting two little kids when you’re in the pool most of the time and your camera is not waterproof.

It is a beautiful kamp…incredible landscaping, great pools, nice lodging, yummy food, and lots of fun things to do. A jumping pillow, water slides, kiddie car race track, mini-golf, and even places to leave your littles if you want to do something other than chase them around. Loved that. The staff was great and Sam’s class counselors had a sweet spot for him, which was much needed this week.

We went canoeing and Sam loved it. He wanted to get in the freezing cold water the whole time. The adults paddling the canoes weren’t having so much fun…but we made it. Note to self: don’t do that again until the kids can paddle themselves.

We also got to go cliff jumping, tubing, skiing, zip-lining, along with lots of water sliding and swimming.

Sam was the star of the pool when he kept doing this:

There were times I needed to entertain them for a few moments so I could actually shower. Or take a deep breath in the quiet bathroom.

And what would summer be without a few blue sno-cones?This little racetrack was awesome…too bad Sam wasn’t old enough to drive. (Personally, I thought the 4 yr old permit was a bit ridiculous.)

We had some adventures of Sam running away from me. I’m considering a leash next time we go somewhere like this. Or when we travel to Bahrain. Nate was helping me move to our own room one night and I didn’t think the kids would leave the room. I was wrong. Again. Sam opened the door (it was about 9pm) and let both Gigi and himself out into the kamp. To roam around. Or cry until some other parent (stranger) picked up one of my kids and then tries to figure out who she belongs too. I had many stellar parenting moments. We were definitely that family whose kid is crazy disobedient adventurous or yelling during prayer times. I’m sure most people were looking at me thinking, “that poor single mom with two out-of-control little kids. I wonder why her husband left her.” I do know won’t be going back to family kamp until they are old enough to run off for all hours of the day while I sit and lounge by the pool with my husband…and I won’t care where they are.

But don’t get me wrong, kamp is great and I recommend it if you have old enough kids to enjoy it. I worked at Kanakuk way back in the day so it was fun to be around all those high energy counselors that love kids, love Jesus, and love serving us as a family.

More pictures to come…I hope Angie got at least one of the three of us together. I really was there with them, I promise.


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