Thoughts of the day

We had a rough first day at Mother’s Day Out on Tuesday…praying today is better. Hoping Sam’s teacher warms up to us. Glad Gwen’s teacher is so loving to her. Realizing how much of an advocate you have to be for your kids when they can’t speak for themselves.

I’m teaching a grad class today at SCS. Digging out the notes. Cleaning out the brain cobwebs. Putting on my professor clothes. Excited to go talk about things I love.

Listening to Sara B and Adele is helping me recognize the constant ache I have that I’m not living life with Aaron. Our 7th anniversary is just a few days away. Punch in the stomach, thankyouverymuch.

I love love love having the house to myself for a few hours. I secretly sometimes wish I could have this bliss every day. But then that defeats the purpose of ‘staying home with your kids.’ Makes me realize how selfish my heart still is…even when I give almost every ounce of myself to them every day.

A sweet someone in Bahrain sent me these lovelies that I’m enjoying.


Poor Gigi face planted last weekend while chasing Sambo down the sidewalk. I was going to take first day of school pictures today (on the second day) but opted for a healed busted face. They are growing so much…vast changes in just a few weeks. Sheesh…slow down slow down slow down.

Our church has moved into a new building and starts worshiping there this weekend…it’s exciting and I’m thankful for the more age appropriate developments regarding the kiddos. Thankful to be a part of a new change.

Gigi is becoming rather attached to her blankie and is wanting to carry it around all the time. I’m setting some crib boundaries with the blankie. I don’t need a Linus in my life right now.

I was swimming this morning all alone at the pool and was swimming diagonally to maximize the 25 yd pool into a longer workout. It’s always awesome when someone jumps in right next to you to make you aware he’s there (and that I can’t swim that way anymore). Scared the jeebies out of me.


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