7 from the previous 7 {2005}

Of our seven wedded years, this is the second of seven that we haven’t been able to be together. BUT…not having Aaron in the home has allowed me to stay up late and reminisce. To look through thousands of pictures of the past seven years (and still some I can find) and remember. I don’t really care that anyone else reads this look back, since after all, it is our story and our memories and is being written for Aaron. You just get the privilege of peeking in.

Seven years ago this past spring, you were the stranger that picked me up at the Houston airport as I was coming off a dirty mission trip from Mexico. I really thought I was going to see my sister for Easter. You just ‘conveniently’ happened to be going to Nacogdoches from Pensacola.  Again..no idea what you looked like…I was told by my sister to look for a tall, hot, blonde guy. Yes, I did find you.

We hung out that weekend {with little do to Nac} and ended up playing Scrabble and I learned you were great at spelling dirty words. You took me shooting and I saw how redneck you really were. And then you tried to get me to watch a movie and I almost fell asleep. I’m glad you opted to talk and answer my questions and let me begin to see your heart.


I, actually we, barely slept any that weekend…not because you kept me out…but because I was falling. You won my heart rather quickly…I knew you were safe, consistent, strong, determined, pursuing, and trusting. I’m glad I was given advice to not write you off right away…I was terrified to admit I was falling in love with a Navy pilot.

You showed up in Arkansas about 10 days later and met the entire population of NWA. Well, almost. You were a trooper and I’m so thankful you were up to being the ‘fly boy’ everyone was telling me I was going to marry. Thank you, Kathy, for advising me to get on that plane and be there for his winging (since it ‘is one of the most important days of his life’). Thank you, future in-laws, for letting me surprise Aaron and tag along for the weekend.

Seventeen days after we met, you got my first choice orders to Guam, and I was thrilled to be there for your winging. I can remember internally freaking out since this was my very first military event, but it wouldn’t be my last. My life was changing…and this new culture would soon be my own. I’m thankful I got to be there for your winging and I’m even more grateful you took me to the beach that night to tell me you wouldn’t go to Guam without me. 17 days…I can’t believe it was so fast.

I love that you quickly learned I love surprises and that you returned the surprise by showing up early in Arkansas. I fell miserably for the ‘go out and look at the moon’ trick only to see you in the driveway. I remember sitting on the counter in my bathroom when you first told me you loved me. I’m glad you didn’t tell me until you knew why you loved me and that you were choosing to love me for the rest of your life.

It’s still funny to me that I had no clue you were coming the next morning to propose, though it was odd my roommates were still around pretty late in the morning. But if they hadn’t stayed, we would have no documentation of this.

Too bad you looked so hot and I’m not even sure I had brushed my teeth. I love that you showed up in your whites…that uniform still reminds me of this day. 33 days after ‘the stranger’ picked me up at the airport.

Much of the next few months is a blur…coming to Pensacola, going to Thailand, meeting up in California and staying at Ryan’s, escaping a hurricane and coming to Arkansas, post-SEER school trauma, visiting you in our new garage apartment in Coronado, and then the wedding.

The cicadas sang loudly they were so thankful we were finally getting married. That was a special day…but grateful I see it differently and more beautifully now.

I loved reading ‘that book’ on the way back to Cali after our wedding, stopping at the Indian reservation, and Vegas. But the real honeymoon was the seven months on Coronado. Funny I couldn’t find many pictures from that time…I guess we were just enjoying living in ‘Perfectville” too much.

I loved seeing you connect with the Passmore’s and enjoying Mexico with them. I loved our weekend morning routine of going running together, eating breakfast out, and then doing something fun in the city…like watching me bob in the water at La Jolla since my wetsuit was like 10mm thick.

We had so many fun guests in the short stint while we lived in San Diego. Maybe we should move back there to get more houseguests. ha. But it would be tight in that 500 sqft apartment.

Bed Bath and Beyond in SD was the home to one of our first fights. Thank you for letting me get the sifter I wanted and for apologizing later.

That Christmas we walked out on watched the JV version of the Nutcracker, but there were other fabulous performances (like Miss Saigon in the outdoor theater) we enjoyed. The Zoo membership was a great gift to ourselves…and I think we spent $50 total on Christmas gifts that year.

Remember how great it was to not have smart phones and internet in our apartment? Those were the days we walked to the library to check our email. Facebook and blogging came on the radar at that point. Crazy.

I loved this first year…there many bumps that later turned into beauty and I am thankful you chose me. Now if I could only figure out why we spent so much money on wetsuits and margarita glasses from Mexico.


One thought on “7 from the previous 7 {2005}

  1. …that sifter will forever haunt me. I think we’ve used it less times than the years we’ve been married. You’re my best friend, and more beautiful now than seven years ago (though we have aged a bit). I’m really glad I married you, and would do it all over again. Sorry I couldn’t be there to celebrate. I love you, beautiful.

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