7 from the previous 7 {2007}

2007 was quite a year. We said goodbye to our good friends at the beginning of the year, not knowing when/if we’d get to see them again. Thankfully we did, but we greatly missed them that year. Being a part of this community and enmeshing ourselves into the local culture was the best decision we made living on Guam. So many military spouses hated Guam…but we learned to love it, mostly because of our local peeps.

We experienced our first work up to deployment and the pulling away separation feelings. While the song we listened to that morning was to pump us up and laugh, it still reminds me of the pit in the stomach feeling of you leaving. Ugh. Those feelings are still there when you leave.  Off to Kuwait you went to fly med-evac, be a chicken, sweat, sweat some more, experience sand storms, and study hard for your HAC board. I saw through those months the beauty of getting to know you again through letters, emails, and phone calls. You worked hard and I know that was not the best of deployments. I was proud of you for sticking it out. After still not feeling settled in a church, I started going to LCG after you left and we quickly fell in love with the people (mainly Jeff and Mary).

Obviously knee boards come in handy for something. Those mustaches don’t come in handy for anything. Glad you haven’t tried that again. yuck.

So while you went to Kuwait on det, I began grad school at Biola and began my crazy space-a adventures back to the states. Biola was the perfect place for me…only to be more realized later. I learned much there about myself and about how your role, specifically while in Kuwait, was part of his greater redeeming process of mankind. God showed me that you were serving and holistically loving others by med-evacing them to health facilities was redemptive work. My understanding of many things was challenged and I’m thankful you were willing to listen and join me in that process.

The KC-135 and C-5 became my first faithful friends since C-130 routinely break down. I still can’t believe I broke down 3 times trying to get back to Guam. Not sure what I would’ve done without the Neubert’s.

Grad school was great and I felt like I was doing something I was created for. That was a dream and I’m thankful you pretty much foot the bill to let me do that. Thanks for working and making that possible. I think the trade off was you getting to hunt on the weekends when I was doing homework.

You returned from det and found me to be not eating things I had eaten most of my life. I appreciated your willingness to try new things and support my decisions…and I think you learned to love salad and other veggies so much more. Salad is no longer ‘what food eats.’

We made it through our first of many deployments (well maybe not for long, now) and I think we did it well. I’m glad we both surrounded ourselves with supportive encouraging people and we worked to communicate well. I know it’s always easier to look back and think, ‘How did we do that?’ but we somehow did it.


Your return from deployment brought a major turning point in our marriage. Poorly practiced medicine put us in a place we had never been before. I can honestly say doubt was never in my mind…I’m forever grateful for heeding to great marriage wisdom of ‘turning towards each other.’ We did just that and God was honored. While a painful process, I’m grateful we walked through that one.

On a happier, more beautiful note, your return and our belated anniversary was celebrated in the waters of Palau. Buying dive gear and making diving our thing while in Guam was so great. Glad we did it…glad we took advantage of beautiful waters, free places to stay, diving with sharks and other beautiful creatures, and flying like Superman underwater. What a fabulous trip.

I can’t remember much else happening that fall other than celebrating Thanksgiving with my parents on Guam. We had a big Thanksgiving dinner and fried some turkeys. Hosting them was great fun. We had a heck-of-a fishing trip with them too.

Christmas was gladly welcomed with the annual HSC-25 Christmas party…

…and ROTA WALK! The only bad thing about moving into the house we did, was Rota Walk. I knew you were hating it the whole time since you love being forced into mandatory fun for the base at your expense. But you ponied up and made this beautiful creation to hang on the side of our house. It was impressive, I must say. And it was even better when we pulled it out from under the bed the next year and put it up hours before Rota Walk began. At least we didn’t put 10 blow ups in our yard and sprinkle our yard with baby powder to pretend it was snowing.

I loved celebrating Christmas with just you. While we missed our families, it was awesome to do what we wanted, eat what we wanted, and even go to the beach with our dog on Christmas day. We truly became our own family.

That was 2007. A full, but great year. Our first year we didn’t move anywhere. Thankful for that.


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