7 from the previous 7 {2010}

While 2010 doesn’t seem very long ago, these pictures make me think differently. This was the year of traveling for us. Lots of weddings and lots of trips for the family. It was so much fun.

Since you can enjoy the beach year round in Corpus, I drug you out to the Sand Fest because I thought it’d be awesome to see the sand sculptures. They were pleasant to see…but we parked way too far and decided not to bring the stroller or sling. Bad mistake. Our little Sambo was not a light weight. You were a trooper…again. Thanks for entertaining me. We’ve been to it once…we don’t need to go again, I think. Look how happy you look!

Your family all came down in January and it was fun to have everyone here and show them a bit of our world. Other than the pictures, I don’t remember much. Placental shunt never returned some things to my memory.Sambo grew like a weed and was so much fun. The older he became, your confidence grew in being Daddy and how to interact. It was fun for me to watch you always mess with his hands and toes…to have him sit and watch football with you…to chase him through the house…to read Sheep in a Jeep or Hop on Pop to him. Our chunky monkey was a great baby and loved (still does) being with you. By the time he was ten months, he had traveled to Denver, Beaufort, and San Diego.Sam at 6 months.

Spending time with your friends at Doug’s wedding was great. I love getting the chance to get to know them and get to know more of you, or who you used to be, through your college buddies. It always cracks me up that guys don’t care about wedding stuff and how you’ll become a groomsman or an usher in about 2.5 seconds if someone doesn’t show up. That uniform has pulled many grooms out of trouble.

At the wedding we learned about Bob’s medical condition and how things were probably going to change. I’ve been amazed at how faithful you have been to make the effort to connect with him. You’ve been patient and gracious when it’s been hard…and you have modeled to me what it means to visit those who are sick and comfort those who need comforted. They truly do love you like a son and would do anything for you. I know you would do the same.

Doug’s wedding reminds me of the discomforts of nursing a child in a public park bathroom…and how dirty and awkward that can be.  Weddings in a park should have better facilities…just sayin.The summer came and was flying by. You went on lots of cross-countries and did the ‘Schaub family tour’ and visited all your relatives in one weekend. You came back with the conviction we need to have our kids close together, if we can, so that they will know each other and have a close relationship. I thought that was a good idea.

But then we were faced with a significant crossroads in our future when we were asked to consider adopting a few kids. The podcast you listened to, the book you read, and so many other things were again leading us to consider it. So with great hesitation we walked through the door, trusting God…and He told us the time wasn’t right yet.

So we went to California and enjoyed a semi-free vacation on your work’s dime. Thank you, tax payers. We saw the Passmore’s and Schellenberg’s…met up with Leigh and Viz…hung out with Kate (Kyle was on an IA)…and remembered how much we love San Diego. You had your birdbath marg with Passmore…and then you dropped Zeek on his head. Good one, Aaron. Maybe you should have some chips with your margarita. Sure glad he was okay…and that we’re still friends.

For my birthday and our anniversary, we went to Portland sans Sambo to see the Eddleman’s. I think this was one of my favorite vacations. We biked around town, we hiked, we had yummy food like oatmeal brulee and chicken and waffles, we watched the swallows go down the chimney, we did the fruitloop and found some fantastic wineries, we got to see the Eddleman’s off to welcome their new baby, and we got to hang out with Slezak. Such a full trip with great conversations…power tools breaking the floor…seeing a really healthy church living in community…going to my first corn maze ever…and fun with you.

However, the little bean which began growing inside of me was the beginning of first trimester sickness and the entering of a very hard, long, and dry season. For both of us. I know we can both go back to the feelings and struggles we had with ourselves and one another. Fed by Bread exploded that fall and God gave us great opportunities to bake a lot in a huge kitchen…but I was physically and emotionally depleted from Sambo and baking and attempting to save something for you. I failed a lot in giving back to you each day and we both learned a lot about selfishness and how that cycle can quickly destroy something that is good and strong.

I can still remember sitting on the step of the playroom having a ‘come to Jesus’ but we felt so helpless in knowing what to do. We thought quitting baking would be the answer…but ultimately it wasn’t. Unfortunately it would take us a while to figure out how to get out of the pit we were in…

While the year didn’t end like we hoped, it was still a great year and much to hope for the next year. I’m thankful we still made choices to choose each other and just hang in there when we felt so lost and probably didn’t like each other that much. As we learned, all best friends and spouses go through ‘I don’t like you much phases’ to earn another trust badge. Thankfully that is where we were headed. Thank you for standing with me when I didn’t feel good…when I didn’t feel like myself…when I ‘didn’t know what to say’ to your comments…and for helping a lot with Sam when my energy and joy was zapped. God is always good even we don’t see or feel it.


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