Evenings are always the time of day that I’m tired…I’m more emotional…I’m a bit more passionate about things…and I write beautifully meaningful blog posts in my head. Most of the time I don’t stay up to write because I’m tired and need to go to bed so I can be awake when Sam wakes up at 6am, like today.

Today has been a lonely day. Probably lonely because my heart has been grieving for a dear friend for the past 24 hours. A sweet friend who carried a sweet baby girl full term, but lost her right before birth yesterday afternoon. The child they longed for…asked for…cared for…prepared for…and is now not coming home with them. I do believe Baby C is home and is with Jesus…but the absence and devastating loss for my friends is deeper than I can imagine. I have run through mini cycles of grief myself today …anger, sadness, depression, hope, and trust in God’s bigger picture and the story He is writing. Another friend was so right…this truly is not our home and when the depravity of sin seen through death comes closer, it makes me lonely and long for our true home. The place of hope where ALL things are redeemed.

And then I got another call of a friend that gave birth to a sweet Baby C…healthy, happy, and doing great. In these blessings we rejoice.

There really is no equation you can execute to make things fall into place. But God isn’t really concerned about making things equal for those he loves…His story is written and it’s perfect. It’s purpose is to magnify him and transform us. It just doesn’t make sense looking from this side.


Act II.

That was enough heart so I’ll talk about some other random things.

Did you know that if you own Camelbak water bottles that have broken and leak like mine, you can get new lids and straws that have the a design and don’t leak? All for the fabulous price of FREE. Just go to their webpage, tell them what broke on your bottle and they’ll send you a replacement. I got 6 new lids and straws in the mail the other day. Thank you Camelbak. Thanks for the tip, BP.

I also got Gwen’s Halloween costume in the mail today. A friend sent a hand-me-down Navy cheerleader outfit. One less thing to look for this month.

It has rained for the past three days here. This land has been thirsty thirsty and this farm girl loved hearing the thunder all night last night.

Really big news of the past few weeks…Sam is wearing underwear full time. This deserves another post and all I’ve learned through the potty training journey. Part of me is still doubtful it’s going to stick, even though he wanted to do it and has taken full responsibility. I realize I’m the doubter…

And last. This is a funny blog. I realize I might be the last one finding out about this blog, but it’s worth some time reading.


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