It takes a village

It’s been a tough week.

It’s been a teary-eyed week.

But I’m grateful for the gifts of friendship. Our community had stepped up and loved us well the past few days. Sambo had two manly play dates today with some of our guy buddies. Being in an estrogen house, he is lacking in man time so some guys are stepping up and loving on him.

There are some things that bring great joy to a deployed spouse…one being people that will steal our kids away to genuinely play and love on our kids.

The first date was to Home Depot to make this. Perfect for the little builder. Thank you Uncle David.

The second play date was full of catching dragons and dinosaurs, putting out fires (fake), and playing around in the back of a truck while clanking around with tools. He was happy…he came back filthy. Thank you Uncle Rusty.

And then we can home to enjoy this lovely goodness that was delivered by a friend. Dinner in a bag. Yummy perfection.

There are many sad dark days in life. But Jesus, through the hands and feet of his people, loves us perfectly and deeply. I’m grateful.


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