The toolman is three.

The birthday boy woke up and we soon left for a little trip to get doughnuts. This is a big deal. It’s a special occasion kind of thing. Gates Doughnuts is a long-standing local place…they make the best here in town.

I quickly learned he doesn’t like fire on his doughnut. Noted…we won’t do this on his cake later. Poor guy wants to be a firefighter, but does not like burning candles. He recovered quickly, though…

He opened his gifts from Daddy. The ‘Moo’ book, the Three Trees, and a Bahrain T-shirt. Daddy even got to watch it all.

Then his gift from his family. His very own toolbox.

Let me introduce you to Aaron Jr. It’s quite crazy.

“Mama, I’m going to work.”

And he finally figured out the genius of the headlamp. Now he can play outside when it’s dark…so he thinks.

He has been infatuated with chainsaws for a long time. And now he has his own {Thank you, Suderman’s}.

Lots of this happened this weekend.

Then the party began…and here was the incredible cake.

{No, I didn’t make the cake…just the handle and then put the tools on top.}

Another power tool from the Conolly’s.Then we ate. And ate.

Tools come in handy for all sorts of things at a birthday party.

We sang happy birthday to him.

Cake was eaten.

By everyone.

He opened gifts. Each one was perfect for him.

These are a few of my favorite people here in Corpus. They helped throw this party by bringing food and great gifts. Love them.

And to the end the night…Sam got another bag of great weapons to hit Gigi tools. He was so pumped about the ratchet set. Yes, he knows what it is. What an awesome gift…but a few of them have been confiscated til age 8. Or 18.

After the dust settled, we read some books, and headed to bed. What a great celebration of Sambo.

Happy Birthday sweet Sambo! You inspire me, challenge me, make me think, love your family, make us laugh, and have more spunk, determination, and fun inside that little body of yours. We love you, are thankful for you, and look forward to a terrific third year.

It was a perfect celebration for you, Sambo. However you were very aware of the one giant obvious hole…Daddy. BUT, we have made it through one more holiday, one more birthday, one more week and milestone, as we count down until we see him.

The hole is still very obvious to me. Babe, you were greatly missed and I ached you couldn’t be here to build with your little toolman.

70 more days til you can.


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