The Greek Festival

It was a success.






The baklava was eaten too quickly for the picture.

The only downer of the evening was the lady standing in line for the bathroom. I explained I have one in training that really needed to go. Quite sorely she commented “Well, waiting is part of training.” Really? Did she just say that? I wanted to spank her for being so rude. Instead, I took Sam to the car and let him pee in an empty water bottle. Crisis averted.


3 thoughts on “The Greek Festival

  1. rude. i think i would’ve lost it on that lady!
    i looove greek food. everything looked so yummy!
    so. last week was just a bit nuts. i’m so sorry we weren’t able to see you and that you weren’t able to come. but it wouldn’t have been a good time for you to be here. it’s slowly starting to get back to normal in nyc. let me know what dates you will be back in town and i will try my darndest to be there. oh, and if you want to extend your trip a little, you’re welcome to come and stay with us!
    lots of love to you and your littles.

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