It’s Friday night again.

I have usually always loved Fridays…the beginning of the weekend. Slumber parties or basketball games when I was growing up. Dates Fun times with friends in college. Then being married to your best friend meant date night. Not that it always happened on Friday, but this week I have really missed date night.

The chance to steal away and not be a mom. To do something I love doing. To not clean up another diarrhea stained underwear or feed someone else. To be with someone I love. I miss these nights. A lot.

Today in my not-wanting-to-think-about-it afternoon, I took the kids to an indoor bounce place and bounced with them. Then we got take out (Vietnamese) so I didn’t have to cook. After dinner child #2 began having the lovely runny diapers so we all plopped on the couch (taking the risk of someone pooping on the couch) and watched Sesame Street until it was bath shower time. The steam was needed to get all our nasal passages loosened.

I’m sorry if you’re reading this and wishing I wasn’t complaining. I don’t mean to complain…just document the realities of raising kids without your husband. And how much aching my heart feels.

I miss him.

It’s been a doozey since we got back this summer. First the AC went out. Then Sam started biting again at Mother’s Day Out…we’re currently in the ‘one more strike and your out’ zone. Then our sewer backed up twice in our backyard. And then I dropped my phone in water. Then I finally figured out that all the bites on my arms were not from mosquitoes…but that I brought back oh-so-glamorous bedbugs (probably via Bahrain or int’l travel) that were biting me for the past two months. Do you feel dirty and itchy yet? Sorry. I’m thankful for exterminators that know what they’re doing and know how to rid of the bugs.

After 100+ pounds of laundry (almost every piece of clothing/cloth/linen we own), our house is mostly back to normal. It’s safe to come visit now.

Then the heater broke and it was estimated to cost us $5000+ to fix it. Another repairman came to give us an estimate and fixed it in 10 minutes…either the first dude was completely incompetent or trying to scam the ‘single-mom-whose-husband-is-deployed’ since she doesn’t know any better. That’ll make your blood boil.  (Note to locals: Don’t use Mathews Service Experts in Corpus Christi.) Thankfully it works now…however it is 87 degrees outside. I think I should write a book for single girls on how to get stuff fixed since a lot of crap has broken in the past few months. Best tip: have a trusty man friend on speed dial that has connections in town to get everything fixed.

Somewhere in the midst of all this more important things happened…people had babies, others are grieving the loss of their kids, people lost their jobs or got new ones, people were displaced because of Sandy, and the President remains the President.


This is a bunch of random thoughts.

On the brighter side of things, we hosted a shoebox packing party for OCC. We sent out invites, gathered lots of donated things, and had a packing extravaganza. It was really fun.The folding extraordinaires.

It’s really great OCC now provides the boxes. More money to put towards what goes IN the box.

Girl bins, boy bins, school supplies, hygiene items…

Massive tub of crayons and so many great things.

It’s like a Christmas tree of boxes.

I’ve got such awesome friends that always pony-up and help out with stuff like this. We drag our kids along and hopefully, one day, in the process of loving others, they’ll see why we do this. Sam couldn’t figure out why we wanted to give all this cool stuff away. Hence our ‘G’ verse this week was ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’

These cuties are just three months apart in age…but my Gwenie (they are both named Gwen) is obviously a serious eater (hello, belly!), is going to be rather tall, and hands her clothes down to this Gwen. Crazy. And yes, she just woke up from her nap.


Even some daddies came and packed with their kids. So great.

63 boxes. I was in awe. And all the shipping for each box was covered.

People really do step up and give when they are nudged…and we all need that nudge. We packed them up and dropped them off. The official collection week is next week. I now know what to start stocking up on throughout the year…people had such great ideas the other night!

Yeah for 63 kids who get 63 awesome boxes. I’m hoping we can pack more next year. It’s not too late to pack yours…you should get on it!

After this week, I’m ready for a vacation. Though my trip to NYC got postponed, maybe it was best so I could actually stop and enjoy a weekend doing things I love. I just wish A could join me there.

Tomorrow is Saturday. And that means 45 days until we leave to see him. Can I get a hip hip hooray?



One thought on “It’s Friday night again.

  1. Love you! Still pray for you four every day! Love your poopie, stuffed up, lonely adventures! Believe it or not, I’d love to spend a month with you! With four teenagers, I miss those nasty toddler years. Love you very very much and I’ll be honoring my favorite deployed cousin on Sunday! (Not technically correct, but I cry for him every patriotic day! So proud of him and you!)

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