I can’t not share.

Hello. Yes, I’ve been a bit absent and non-post like lately. It’s been a bit busy around here. Or I just haven’t had the energy.

We went to Nac for Thanksgiving with Aaron’s parents. We had the most hilarious photo shoot. Daddi Ron made these kids laugh with nothing less than a fake deer. It.Was.Awesome.

While this photo did not make the holiday card cut, I thought it was too cute to not share. {I think this is what a picture of Aaron and I would have looked like had we know each other when we were toddlers. What do you think?}

Yes, they are drooling and have runny noses. Welcome to the cold season.

And obviously, they had no fear of ‘Bambi.’

She is quite the hugger.

I guess we are officially rednecks.

I’m sure none of you knew that anyway.


One thought on “I can’t not share.

  1. Holly, this is precious!!!! Glad I was still up to see this one. Been praying for you all as you traveled this past week. The kids look so happy. Love you.


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