Day two

Our Sunday was off to a great start. And then little people woke up. I yelled after seeing glass broken on the floor. Someone got in trouble. I cleaned up the mess after getting an accidental head butt. Our beautiful first Sunday of Advent wasn’t exactly magical.

I’ve read too many blogs where the elves on the shelf or the beautifully crafted nativity moments make me feel like a huge fat failure. Insert why I don’t really do Facebook or many other blogs. It doesn’t do my heart any good when it comes to comparison. {You can go ahead and delete me from your reader if you envision me as one of those perfect moms. I sure wouldn’t want to disappoint you. Ahem.}

The day didn’t progress any better than it began. The meltdown upon waking from naptime did commence when one little learned he couldn’t go to “Uncle Rusty’s” to play. Thankfully a good friend whisked my kids away for a few hours of alone time. While I did get some errands ran, you would think I would return to my children all excited to bathe and put them to bed. But why is it that they very defiantly disobey and break something again after you tell them 37 times to not touch it?

After the consequence and then putting said child to bed early, why does he need to pee again after just peeing 4 minutes ago? In the effort to encourage his hygiene habits, I let him use the bathroom…only to watch him pull on private parts and begin peeing on himself and the toilet lid. Why do boys have to mess with their junk? {rhetorical question only}

And then he accidentally jumped and hit my head again and gave me a fat lip. I told him to go to bed and I proceeded to clean up the pee.

I’m sure I’ll laugh about this in the morning in a few months…but when someone hits my head/face three times in a day, my anger spools a bit. Thankfully God’s grace is real.

And in my lame effort to blog about all the magnificently meaningful things I did with my kids today, I did manage to make some biscuits for breakfast.

The Christmas angel brought Sam a book about firetrucks and we built a firehouse out of blocks.

20121202-225018.jpgWe also got to add a calf to the manger story we’re putting together. And let’s not forget how darling Gwen looked with her beautiful curls and cute boots today.

Oh the bliss of having children. Someone once told me about 70% of raising kids is thankless, cleaning up messes, teaching/discipline and sacrifice (hell). The other 30% is sweet, beautiful, and full of meaningful moments (blessing). I know it’s worth it and it will fly by and I should enjoy each moment (no need to write that in the reply)…but some days I need to write the real and the ugly and how I shouldn’t have yelled at and shamed Sambo for breaking things. I’ve got a lot to work on myself…just like him.

Advent isn’t just about glittering lights, crafts, and eggnog. I see how desperately I need Jesus today.


7 thoughts on “Day two

  1. you’re doing a good work over there, a good work. In due time….we will reap. I see more and more how mothering is a marathon, cause I still get physically hurt by my boys and my oldest will still pee everywhere. I read the other day how bitterness and anger are the first to hinder a mama’s heart from being kind. I was convicted because I let those 2 things creep in so quickly, especially as the years of mothering service add up, and I”m still waiting to reap that fruit! Mother on… are in the good fight! Praying for your whole family often by name.

  2. 1. Remember, the first 40 years of parenting are the only hard ones.
    2. Boys toy with their junk because it’s a beautiful and attached tool. I bet you wish you could write your name in the snow with pee.
    3. Some days, simply not killing or selling them is a win.
    4. Hang in there.
    5. Consider taking up smoking.
    6. Do some flutter kicks
    7. Spin like a whirling dervish until you break something, then laugh whilst you clean it up.
    8. Spend a day with one small fish in each shoe. You’ll smile all day, knowing you’re the only person in town with such creativity.

    No charge for this marvelous wisdom that I freely share with you and your tens of readers.

  3. Hey Hollie, there are just some days you have to get through. Sometimes there are seasons of life you just have to survive. And you’re doing so much better than just surviving! And you’re doing it alone. I think that’s what amazes me the most about you – there are not many women strong enough to do what you’re doing. You put me to shame every time I read your blog! And just remember: it does get easier. It really, really does. I’m not too far removed from those days to remember the tears of frustration, but at least from where I’m sitting now, I can see that those were the really hard days with my boys. Someone told me early on that with boys, the hardest days are when they’re little. I’m hoping they were right!!!!

    1. Thanks Britany. I, too, hope the older years are easier than 2 and 3 have been for this boy. God’s grace has been so real to me…especially on days like yesterday when we just make it to the end of the day alive. Also grateful this deployment will eventually end and I can tag team again with discipline and diaper changes. 🙂 Thanks for your encouragement…miss seeing you guys.

  4. You are doing fabulous!!! I thank God DAILY around this time of year that my kids are too old for that Elf on a Shelf business! And I leave you with one word of warning… that “business playing” that you speak of, only gets worse… WAY WORSE… the older they get… to much information? Love you Holls!

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