We leave in four days. Holy shyzer. I can’t believe it’s really here…and while I’m so excited, I kinda want to bury my head and not come up with all that’s to be done. Yet here I sit blogging about it. Oh well.

Today we baked. We again had no gas when I arrived at the kitchen this morning, but the amazing maintenance man (that I texted at 5:30 letting him know the fire alarms were going off) came up and eventually got the city to turn it back on for us. It’s been a doozy working with the city to keep the gas on (there’s lots of construction going on by the school). I had great help today…some that even came at 5:15am. That’s the kind of friends I have.

We sold lots of pretty boxes that look like this:


They are filled with freshly roasted coffee along with a pan of ready-to-bake cinnamon rolls. {Christmas in a Box}. Don’t you wish you got one?

We gave away over $650 today. That’s several thousand meals for kids. Absolutely amazing.

And since you can’t win them all, I came home to a rusted out disposal that was leaking below my sink. Awesome. I went to Home Depot and chose one of these.

And now I’m off to bed. I’ve got some resting to do.


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