It looks like the Middle East, right?

We’re attempting to stay busy. Apartment life is a whole different kind of living, as I’m quickly learning.

This was right before she face planted. Twice. Poor thing. I guess family pics are postponed a while.

We didn’t make it through church today (G wouldn’t stop crying) but we had a successful swim. Goggles is G’s new favorite word.


Sidenote: these floaties are the best and have saved my kids millions of times over. Highly recommend.

And what kid doesn’t love watching himself on home videos?

He’s practicing his yoga moves. Impressed?

It’s bedtime on this side. Good night.



3 thoughts on “It looks like the Middle East, right?

  1. Because this if Friday, it probably is the day off. Love the pictures. Tonight is the A&M–OU Cotton Bowl game. Shelly and the kids went to watch the Aggie band practice this morning. Others probably don’t need to practice, but if you are an Aggie—it is important to practice the one song they know and get the lines straight! Katie is having a sleep-over at our house tonight—must have pizza and other junk food!

    1. I was going to comment on Hollies cute post, but then I read what my mom said about the Aggies and now I’m too hurt and offended to speak!

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