Another mom badge

Not that motherhood is about accumulating badges, but I think I earned another gold star for making the trip to and from Bahrain. With two toddlers. Two very full-of-energy toddlers. And lots of crap.

There are moments as a mom that I have out of body experiences and look at just what I’m doing and say, “wow…this really is happening.” The type of stuff you can’t make up. When I was running up and down the aisle chasing Gwen on the long flight wishing she would tire. When Sam is laying on the airport floor as we’re trying to go through security and he’s licking the floor and talking about his sword.

I can remember traveling back and forth to Guam watching other moms drag their seven (or maybe two or three) kids through the terminals and wondering how they do it. Someone told me on the trip that I made it look so easy. Ha…too bad they couldn’t see me cursing under my breath.

Things I would recommend for trips like this: the Traveling Toddler (strap that attaches carseat to rolling carry-on), lots of snacks in individual snack bags, iPad loaded with movies and great apps (Boca Boca apps are our new favorites), coloring books or Aquadoodle, extra clothes and diapers, drugs (if your kids get sleepy with them…mine do not), backpack with harness for your crazy runaway child, a hidden camera to capture all the crazy looks you get for traveling with two kids alone, Boba carrier to strap child to your back, prayers for people along the way to help you out, and a friend to greet you at the airport with a margarita.

So glad we did it. So glad we had the month with Aaron. Totally would do it again….just not anytime soon.

And now to get over jetlag and not be up at 345 with said toddlers….


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