Date with Sambo

Last night I took Sambo out for a date. Since we’d been given some fun gift cards, we set out to redeem them. First stop was somewhere I had never ever been.


20130219-063752.jpgHis bear even has a heart.

20130219-063822.jpgHe gave his bear a bath.

20130219-063855.jpgAnd we dressed him in the costume of choice. No surprise there.



20130219-064003.jpgNext stop was Barnes and Noble to read some books. That was funny to watch him wander and gravitate toward the noise making books. It was good for me to practice not always having to direct or be intentional about every little thing we do. He loved it. Of course we settled in the Dr Seuss corner for a bit.

20130219-064253.jpgOn to dinner at Jason’s Deli. I think he would have been satisfied eating toast and then ice cream.

20130219-064408.jpgHe surprised me in so many ways…saying thank you for doing something like this. Asking funny questions. Taking off for the bathroom since he needed to go. Holding my hand most of the time. And even naming his bear Schaubie (completely unprovoked by me). It was fun.

However the evening was not without mess and excitement. In the car, he busted open an egg coloring packet and decided to eat the “candy.” Needless to say, he was a partially dyed egg after that.

That boy keeps me on my toes.


2 thoughts on “Date with Sambo

  1. What a fun time for a three-year old to have a date w/his momma! Great memories…even the dyed little boy at the end. Where’s a pic of that?? =)

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