14 more sleeps

We’re still alive. Just been busy with life and needed to take a break.

A lot has gone on in the past few weeks. We went to San Antonio and met the Naumans and my parents to enjoy the zoo. It was fun and such a beautiful day. {The zoo is not a place to visit in July.}

Obviously, Gwen is much easier and more fun to photograph than Sam right now. She is a tad less busy than him…


Zoo-6452 Zoo-6450 Zoo-6434 Zoo-6488 Zoo-6485 Zoo-6476

We take a picture on this elephant every time we go to the zoo. Like here

Then my kids headed back to OK with my parents to give me a much needed break. I had 10 days sans kids and it was such a gift.

The first few days of my vacation were actually very very exhausting as we had one of the biggest FBB baking weekends. By the way, did you know you can now keep up and order online at fedbybread.org? You should check it out. During the Easter weekend we were able to provide nearly 6000 lunches for Ugandan kiddos in the Masese slums. It was awesome.

I got many projects done and many are still on the list…but my heart and mind got to rest and be refreshed. My family was gracious to give me that break…especially since the kiddos were sick most of that week.

On the other hand, Aaron has packed and repacked his bags about 17 times. He is in the single digits til departure for the East Coast and arrives here on the 24th. It’s quite hard to believe this long 14 month journey is almost over. I’ve been at a loss for words to describe all that’s going on in my heart and mind. I’m thankful for this past year and thankful it is coming to a close.

Last week we got to welcome home Shawn, another deployed spouse who met his baby girl for the first time at the airport. It was a sweet reunion. homecoming-6518

Glad it’s our turn next!


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