On surprising your husband

This past weekend was filled with lots of anxiety, preparation, and lying as I attempted to get myself to Maryland to surprise Aaron. At the suggestion of some friends, I began planning my excursion to Maryland, without Aaron knowing, since he actually got back to the States on Wednesday (but doesn’t come home until Wednesday of this week).

All things were going smoothly and I was filled with excited butterflies until a significant delay held me up in Dallas. I cried, I begged, I even had another man offer his seat up for me to get on an earlier flight, but I was stuck getting in many hours later. It was an emotional roller coaster but thankfully Aaron didn’t know any different!

I arrived in Baltimore, was picked up in pouring rain by a great friend and taken to their house where Aaron was sleeping. There’s nothing like crawling into bed with the one you’re hoping to surprise!

It was such a fabulous short weekend filled with great friends, good talks, walking around USNA, and the sinking reality that this deployment is almost over. So glad I got a few hours with him before our children mob him. We are grateful for the last little goodbye on Sunday for a long long time.

If you’re in Corpus, come join us for the real Texas welcome home on Wednesday morn at 10. We have much to celebrate…and the Freedom Riders will be there too.


One thought on “On surprising your husband

  1. So happy for you! Can’t even imagine how happy you and your two children must be! Hope it’s a wonderful celebration and you don’t have to say “good bye” for a LONG time!!!! Blessings, Marshalene

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