Our little pretty is two.


Gwen almost shares a birthday with her cousin, Crew. With the family all together for the weekend, the double birthday party was in order.party-7926

party-4913 party-4942 party-4949 party-4967 party-4969



Someone really had a hard time that he didn’t get presents.



And his daddy didn’t tolerate the whining. (I just tried to stay out of the crossfire.)party-4978

So he found another place to sit.party-4979    Pink tutus are required for a party. party-4995

Mimee and Pap got the kiddos little scooters. So much fun.party-7963 party-4999

We all headed outside for a little cascarone (confetti egg) fun…Gwen thought it was awesome to break one on Crew’s head.party-7970

But it wasn’t so awesome when someone broke one on her.party-7972

Until Daddy let her break the egg on his head.party-7976

What a beautiful little spunky joy Gwenie girl is to us.party-8000 party-7997

And this mama thinks there is none cuter in piggies.party-8007Happy Birthday Gigi…you are such a light to our lives and we love you so much.


One thought on “Our little pretty is two.

  1. That picture of Aaron talking to Sam and you staying out of the crossfire is PRICELESS. Seriously. How do you get a shot like that? So awesome.
    I bet you are loving having Daddy home to help share the parenting load.
    Looked like a fun party! The last pic of Gwen in the golden sun with her piggies is so precious. She’s a doll! Hope I get to meet your precious little ones some day!

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