Catching a fish.


Fishing is a grand affair in the Schaub family. Holidays are often planned around it and this time the kiddos got to experience the fun of being on a boat on a lake and catching a fish. (And no, I did not coordinate their outfits with the floaties. Random accident.)

Nac has  a new lake and Aaron had seen enough pictures and enough video of all the huge fish his dad had been catching. Jealousy can do a lot. smile. I think the pictures will do most of the talking. It was fun to see three generations fishing together…and Sambo got to catch his very first fish. He, however, did not want to touch fishing-7491 fishing-7497 fishing-7498 fishing-7504 fishing-7505 fishing-7512 fishing-7515 fishing-7517 fishing-7519 fishing-7530 fishing-7532 fishing-7533 fishing-7536 fishing-7542 fishing-7543 fishing-7545 fishing-7547 fishing-7550 fishing-7553 fishing-7556 fishing-7558

Hello, my name is Pretty in fishing-7565 fishing-7576 fishing-7586 fishing-7595

And what fishing trip isn’t complete with a book read by Mimmi with a blanket-turned-scarf around your neck?fishing-7603Thanks for the fun time on the lake. Thanks for tracing our family in chalk. Thanks for playing and reading mountains of books. Thanks for loving our family. We’re grateful for such fun places to visit when we visit family…


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