From the bucket list : bubble art

I once saw these beautiful paintings done with bubbles {supposedly done by kids} and so we had a go at doing our own. How hard could it be?


Food coloring.


The kids should want to do this all afternoon right?

Like most other projects I do with them, it lasted about 4.35 minutes. That might even be stretching it from the time I mixed up bubbles to putting it out on the table.

But it was fun and I’m hoping as they get older that these attempts at doing art with them will grow into longer creative stretches. Wishful thinking, I know.

As you can see G and S both wanted to allow the bubbles to sit restfully until they burst creating a beautiful circle of color just pop the bubbles with their hands. I must note that it’s a sheer miracle that one of my children is even blowing bubbles now…somehow he missed that lesson a long time ago.

I think I need to start sitting down after they’re done with their projects and create. Probably would make me realize all the work is worth it.

Also, next time, I’d do small wands, more food coloring to darken the bubbles, and watercolor paper. {But being a good paper hoarder, I wouldn’t want to waste my good paper on a potential project fail. I have issues, I know.}


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