Pine Cove {part 3}

After having been at Kanakuk family camp last summer, it was fun to experience such a difference kind of camp at PC. It was rustic. It was not flashy. It was camp. With horses too. Even the littles got to ride.

PC-7757 PC-7754 PC-7753The first morning of camp it was drizzling and we had signed up for a camper call to come while we went on the trail ride and breakfast. I did not pack any rain gear. I was pretty much prepped for blazing hot summer since that is what Texas has. Wrong. Of course Aaron and I were the only ones that showed up at the barns at 7am. We weren’t going to let rain stop us from having a morning away from our early risin and fussy beautiful children. After our ‘drippy’ ride through the trees, we enjoyed an i.n.c.r.e.d.i.b.l.e. country breakfast that was cooked over a hot pit. Our company was lovely and it was fun to just have our own little morning outing with the Hufstetlers.116

Our week at camp was a bit damp. It rained a lot and cooled things off significantly. Coming from blazing hot Corpus, it was very refreshing. But one thing that got canceled during the week was the rodeo. Yes, the wranglers and other trained riders at camp do barrel racing, calf roping, and the kids get to chase little calves too. I do enjoy a good rodeo, if I must say so myself. But it would’ve been a swamp out in the arena…so they moved the rodeo inside. Very impromptu. Very hilarious. Very impressed with the talent of the ‘cowboys’ and ‘cows’ that did a fantastic job making us laugh. I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time.120


123 PC-7589PC-7587The last night was celebrating the birthday of Pine Cove. You could come in your favorite bd costume (hence the sweaty princess and the knight).

135 PC-10190 PC-10289 And the best part was the live pinata. Yes, he was running around with kids chasing him and when he got tagged by the kids, he threw them candy. Genius AND hilarious. PC-10303

136 PC-10488Can you tell who just got out of the pool?


One thought on “Pine Cove {part 3}

  1. Now you have your Christmas card picture—the one of the 4 of you with you and Aaron wearing overhalls. You really don’t have the city slicker look here, in fact people may begin sending you support $.

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