Our little gimp with a limp


Life with kids always has you guessing. You never know when to take an injury seriously…how long to let them wait it out and be tough…or when to throw in the towel and finally ask some professionals if this is normal.

Thankfully we have some great pediatrician friends in our life to ask, ‘is this normal?’

G started limping on Friday but being that she and her bubba are constantly falling down or climbing up the bunkbed ladder, we thought she might have just bruised something. But the limping got worse and when she had a mild fever Tuesday so off we went to the ER.20130918-205301.jpgShe never complained of pain. Never acted different except her funny limp with her gimpy leg. The ER couldn’t find anything wrong with her after x-rays, but her pediatrician yesterday wasn’t so flippant. Thankful.

Obviously her time in the hospital with 17 stickers, her blankie, snacks, mommy and daddy’s full attention, books, and an iPhone was a complete drag.


They think the limping has been caused by a transient arthritis in her hip that will go away on its own in the next few weeks or less. She is still chasing bubba around and hasn’t missed a beat.

Grateful for a healthy kid (going to a children’s hospital does that to you automatically). Grateful for a wonderful pediatrician that asks more questions. Grateful she isn’t in pain.


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