Outdoor expo

Our good friends, Bekah and Owen, joined Sam and me for a fun little adventure last weekend. Unfortunately, the daddies were busy doing other things so we got to take our little guys to this incredible outdoor expo at the fairgrounds. It was free and sponsored by several churches…and filled with all kinds of activities to do: fishing (learning to cast) for plastic fish, fishing for real fish, climbing wall, remote control monster truck racing, hunting with nerf dart crossbows, shooting a real bow, police/fireman expo, riding a horse, frisbee golf, and probably several other things we missed.

It was so well done. The people were incredibly kind and patient with such little people.

There was good music playing. It was super family friendly. It was free. And it made me proud to be part of the Church that can often get our act together and love our community and provide ways for families to play together on a Saturday morning.

We were so impressed. And the moment we thought it’d be fun to get our little guys nerf crossbows for Christmas, Bekah got shot by Sambo. We spoke 2 seconds too soon.

I got a great look at who Sambo will probably be one day in the deer blind with his dad…he even knew how to hold the crossbow without instruction. He just needs to get a tad more excited about fishing (his least favorite event).


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