Close call.

Grace is such a real gift. Unexpected goodness we don’t deserve. It saves us. And then saves us again and again. And again.

It’s so easy to coast through life doing the normal things until we are tripped up to remember how sweet life is. And how good God is to remind us of how good He is. Even despite good outcomes.

Wednesday was a normal day. In the kitchen fixing dinner, I get a call from Aaron saying come to the pool to get G since Sam hit his head at the pool and needs to go to the hospital.

I quickly drive to the pool and see this. Along with the ambulance. Stomach punch.


I grab G, take her to a friends’ house, and head over to the hospital to join our little trooper in the ER. {Along with his 37 stickers, motorcycle, and flashlight from all the nurses.}


We swim all the time. Nearly ever day. Sam goes off the diving board every single time we’re at the pool. But Wednesday he stepped backwards while on the bigger board, fell off and hit his head on the side of the pool (bricks) and then fell into the water. Aaron was nearby in the water to see him kicking under the water (conscious) and lifted him out of the pool. Sambo blacked out for a bit and so the paramedics were called…

After CT scans, x-rays, and blood work, all things came out clear. Grateful. However right as we were to leave the hospital, Sambo started vomiting and so a hospital stay was in order to monitor his head. He never complained of pain, but the boy got a good little concussion.

I stayed in the hospital that night thinking he would never go to sleep with all the stickers, flashlight, and then the cool red light (monitor) they taped to his finger.


Thankfully the next morning he was awake by 615 ready to eat. And eat he did. I had to cut him off from eating so much sausage.20131007-212319.jpg

Before we were discharged, we asked the doc when he could resume normal activity. He replied, ‘Now.’ So of course he was riding his bike soon after (with a helmet) and even went swimming this weekend. First thing he wanted to do: go off the diving board. I love his resilient heart.

When Aaron was talking to him after he blacked out, he was even able to repeat his bible verse…’God loves us and sent his Son.’ I love seeing truth planted deep. It was awesome talking to Sambo about how Jesus rescues us…even when we’re being silly on the high dive.

While close calls like this tend to shake you up thinking of what could have been or what probably should have happened, we’re trying not to linger there and live in thankfulness. I’m pretty convinced this will not be the last close call for this boy…and for today, it assures me that God has a great calling on his life. I hope one day he’ll look back and see the gifts of grace God lavishly gave him because he was so incredibly loved.


2 thoughts on “Close call.

  1. Sorry to hear about Sam’s accident, but happy it all worked out for the best. God is SO good! And what a little trooper. I had a concussion in college and it was miserable! And I am seriously envious of that boy’s resilience!

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