Sambo’s #4

This birthday came with much anticipation. Mostly for his blue cake.
I’m so grateful for creative and talented friends that go all out to make incredible cakes like Tammy. Yes, she created that dragon and then satisfied this boy’s recent love for knights with a new Lego set.

It was a fun weekend. Family came down and spoiled with fun gifts. And then Daddi rode the scooter…and the bike. It was a small circus in our front yard.

How thankful we are God put Sambo in our family. His zest for life, love for people, passionate intensity, creative play, incredible gross motor skills, love for books, and amazing resilience have challenged us, humbled us, amazed us, and made us excited for who he is becoming. He makes us laugh. He watches everything we’re doing…and then asks why. He is a great big brother and loves his sister (while fighting with her). I’m humbled at how God teaches me so much through him.

He’s a tough, solid kid and is measuring up to be bigger than his daddy. (I think I’ll definitely be the runt of our group.) We’ve loved watching him learn to swim across the pool, jump off high things (even after hitting his head), and ride his bike so well. We are excited to see all the new things he’ll learn to do this year.

Sambo…so grateful for you and the four years you’ve been given. We love you more than you know.


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