Halloween is such a funny concept for toddlers and preschool aged kids. Their indecisiveness can bring much anxiety since they constantly want to change their costume. Thankful my budget was all of nothing (aka, go to the costume box). Sam wanted to be a knight the whole month, but decided the morning of Halloween he wanted to be a superhero. But then when it came time to trick-or-treat, he opted for his knight helmet and sword. Whatever suits you, kid.

Gwen, on the other hand, only wanted to be a princess. Not many other feminine options in the costume box quite yet.

It was fun to stay at home, pass out candy, visit our neighbors, and let the kids eat 3 pieces of candy before bed. (I know, I’m a lame mom like that.)


One thought on “Halloween

  1. Katie STILL dresses as a princess. But now it includes a sword and combat boots! (Yes, my 14 yr old dresses up and trick-or-treats… Don’t judge)

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