Four years four months

It’s quite ironic we made it this long until S broke a bone. Our little adrenaline-junkie-daredevil-fearless boy wasn’t doing a stunt when this happened Monday…

As he was ‘running away from his impending haircut’ he tripped on the garden hose and fell like he does 897 other times each day. But obviously his arm snapped. Thankfully we were all home…Aaron swooped him up and off we went to the ER. Upon arriving the nurses recognized us…it was our third trip in six months. Awesome.

I’ll spare the weak stomached the actual picture of his arm…it was like he had an extra elbow.


One night of morphine in the hospital and a two hour surgery the next day straightened him out. He left with a rod, plate, and some screws he’ll need to return to the hospital later this year.

We’re grateful for healthcare and fabulous doctors at the children’s hospital two minutes from our house. I’m thankful they do anything and everything to keep your kiddo happy…movies, toys, books, iPads, food. We’re grateful for friends who come help G manage the trauma of her family leaving the house so frantically. We’re grateful for friends and family who waited during surgery with us, brought us dinner at the hospital, and showered S with gifts. We’re grateful for drugs that take away extreme pain. We’re grateful God helps children heal so quickly by gluing their bones back together. We’re grateful for true community who again loves us so extravagantly like Jesus.


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