Easter was a crazy weekend. Fed by Bread had lots of good business to do with lots of helpers in the kitchen. It was the biggest Easter yet…and we debuted our new t-shirts. For $20 you can have your own shirt! (They come in a pretty blue color too)photo-1After we survived the baking extravaganza, Aaron’s parents came down for a night. All three of our children experienced dying eggs for the first time since one can’t remember it, one doesn’t do it in her country, and the other was 10 months when we did it last. I was expecting super brown eggs that were dunked in every color but they surprised me. My favorite was when we told Vy the color wouldn’t wash off her hands…that it had to wear off.

The next morning we started a new Easter tradition in having to hunt for their Easter bags. (Thank you, Conollys.) Each kiddo had color coded eggs with clues inside of where to find the next few eggs before discovering their bags of goodies.

We celebrated Easter at church and then again at our house with probably the most diverse, fun group of people we have yet hosted. It was a treat to be around such great people. Since it was almost a UN type gathering we had several kinds of ethnic foods…and Vy wrapped up lots of spring rolls. The cascarones were a classic edition to the hung and all ages participated. And who could forget Gwen sitting down and eating every.single.piece.of.candy in her basket. Hello sugar.

While it was a busy and stressful weekend my thoughts continually swarmed to the true JOY the Father must have had when he literally breathed LIFE into his Son…to heal his wounds and then begin surprising the heck out of everyone. I imagined what delight Jesus had when he breathed again, took off the grave clothes, and smiled thinking that his grueling work was finished. And He won the battle. It’s incredibly beautiful. There’s so much to rejoice about.


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