Blue cast.

February 17 he broke his arm. February 18 he had surgery. February 25 he got his hard cast. As you can tell, we spent lots of down time the first week. Thankfully he had a sidekick that gladly sat down and watched many episodes of Justin Time, Wild Kratts, and Little Einsteins with him. Many boxes of legos flooded our mail and he was pumped. We began nearing the stage of entitlement where everyone who entered our door needed to be bringing him a gift. (Love language maybe?) We took the trampoline down and tried to keep his hands busy. He got pretty ambidextrous which was great.

I think one of the best parts for this mama to see through all of it is how fiercely G loves her brother. When he tripped and rolled over for us to see his disfigured arm, A picked him up and we literally ran straight to the truck with me grabbing the phones on the table. G was probably the most traumatized and began crying since we all ran out so fast…and we left her crying with V. Thankfully our good friend and her daughter (G’s sidekick) came over to settle G into bed. I later learned how G would start crying again every time she thought about S. She cried he wasn’t sleeping with her that night. That sweet girl is lost without him.

To see her put on pretend casts and get ice packs to ice his arm was so great. She couldn’t wait to go to the hospital the next morning to see S and make sure he was okay. The first week he managed pretty well with the cast. Off of pain meds pretty quickly and lots and lots of things to play with to keep him occupied. We had to ration the legos since they couldn’t all be played with the first week…

The morning after surgery he jumped off the table to try to get his helium balloon off the ceiling..we knew we’d have to keep him immobile for a while.

The next week he got the new cast and got it good and dirty pretty quickly. Playdough…dirt…food…081With the rod protruding out his elbow to keep his bone in place, his cast was a bit bulky. So thankful he didn’t break his arm in the heat of summer. We moved him off his top bunk and down on the floor so he wouldn’t break the other arm wouldn’t have to deal with the ladder.

About five weeks later, he graduated to this cool cast. They pulled the rod out of his elbow (crazy) and determined he could get the short cast. His poor skin was stinky and so tender. We won’t talk about how nasty the cast was inside. Surprisingly we didn’t find any legos.

Three weeks later, the short cast came off. He was a superstar and fared pretty well with his cast. It did become a club at times and we were scared how much he would hurt other people…that’s why the trampoline stayed down the entire recovery. AND he has a really great scar he loves to show people (as he says ‘ta-da’). We’re just hoping he takes a break from the ER for a while since he now refers to the hospital as ‘his hospital.’


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