Pine Cove 2014 in photos

PC-026-2 PC-020-2 PC-042-2 PC-098

When you arrive at Pine Cove Family Camp, it’s quite the welcome. Lots of jumping, lots of smiles, and you begin to relax. I love how excited the staff is to have us arrive. And since its family camp and time to play, I put my camera down most of the week. Thankfully they have a photographer/videographer that captures the week for us. Most photo cred goes to them.

PC-531 PC-537 PC-551 PC-565

At dinner they sing the rules in Frozen style and tell us ‘Just say so’ if we need something. I must say it was pretty magical…I love camp and the talent that gathers in one place.

PC-013These two were in the same ‘class’ this year and got to do all the activities together. Next year won’t be the same since this was our last year with both in Cove Kids. I love Cove Kids. Its where the littles go to play, hear about Jesus, nap, be fed, and always be welcomed by super awesome college girls. They do all kinds of fun stuff with the kids…horseback riding, swimming, shaving cream (notice who didn’t enjoy it…), swings, and the most beloved Bubble Princess.PC-041-2 PC-052 PC-060-2 PC-066-2 PC-069 PC-085 PC-094-2 PC-098-2 PC-100 PC-108 PC-138 PC-144 PC-1501 PC-1503 PC-1505 PC-1507 PC-1518

Our theme nights were fun…the first was ‘word to the nerd’ with a camp dance. I forget how awesome how strobe lights are.

PC-300 PC-287

The next theme night was Flip Flop night where kids dress like parents and parents like kids. Gwen was not excited about me wearing a tutu and her tiara. They had all these fun games like ‘shave your daddy.’ Hilarious. And war ball.

PC-055 PC-059 PC-060 PC-061 PC-062 PC-065 PC-594 PC-598 PC-720

But our favorites are the date nights with sunset boat cruise with all the adults. We love going with the Hufstetlers and having lots of time to catch up…and ride in the boat with giant speakers and a heater.

PC-008 PC-094 PC-095 PC-113 PC-117 PC-119

This year our breakfast trail ride was not in rain and it was beautiful. There is something truly beautiful about simple, quiet horse rides through the forest while the sun comes up. The breakfast after really can’t be beat either.

PC-046 PC-048 PC-049 PC-051 PC-053

Gwen was gearing up for the talent show all summer as she practiced ‘standing in daddy’s hands.’ I think her only memory of PC last year was the talent show. The MCs were hilarious.

PC-669 PC-673 PC-736 PC-746 PC-748

We took the kids out boating and they loved it. Both G and S ride the water rocket and laughed the whole time. I love how adventurous they both are.

PC-014 PC-017 PC-019 PC-020 PC-022 PC-024 PC-025 PC-026 PC-027 PC-028

These kids are fun.

PC-038 PC-041 PC-042 PC-035 PC-034 PC-012 PC-066PC-044

Family photos + tradition group picture.

PC-588 PC-585 PC-071




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