Who we are

A little family. We love Jesus. We move every few years courtesy of the US Navy. Aaron is currently a flight instructor. Hollie chases Sam and Gwen. She also bakes/sells bread to support development projects serving orphaned or vulnerable kids in Sub-Saharan Africa. Sam is four and keeps us on our toes. Sweet Gwen is two and follows her bubba all day. We like to travel, laugh, cook and bake, hunt and fish, make things with our hands, advocate for others, play outside, love others, read good books, capture memories, and be with people we love.


2 thoughts on “Who we are

  1. Oh, goodness. All my love. Am thinking about you and knowing your labor and delivery will be easy and safe. Lots of hugs! Sam is ADORABLE!!

  2. Glad to hear ya’ll are doing well. Sounds like a good plan to stay in corpus where you’re already established with home, church, and friends/family while Aaron is gone. I hope the 13 months does go by fast… We do like Pax, MD, we are in a great neighborhood with lots of young children and we have Matt’s Aunt and Uncle a few miles down the road which has been wonderful. Matt is gone a great deal between Navair traveling and flying with reserves….. he is actually gone more now then when we were active duty! I will be staying busy with three little ones and plan to cut back on working to one day a week.
    Give hugs and kisses to your two little ones, they are precious!!

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